Steven Fiore


Songwriter Steven Fiore has spent the better part of the last decade building a fan base along both coasts, touring with the likes of Jump Little Children and Howie Day, and even sometimes performing as a guest vocalist in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles.


After spending 8 years as a songwriter for Universal Music Publishing Group, Fiore is now

stretching into new musical territory under the moniker, Young Mister.


“Is it early Peter Gabriel or a more articulate Thom Yorke that Charleston-native Steven Fiore conjures on stage? Either way, the force of his expression is vital, passionate, and beyond mimicry. ” – Poetry in Motion, Charleston Magazine


“You most likely have not heard of this album yet, but now that you have, there’s no excuse not to listen to eight songs which have been put together that can hold their own against any other group of recorded tunes released in 2016.” - Young Mister Subtly Released One of the Best Albums of 2016, AXS






INSTAGRAM: @realyoungmister