Ed Jurdi


Vocalist / Guitarist / Songwriter for The Band of Heathens


The Band of Heathens is constantly being compared to The Band because of the musical finesse that overlays their timeless, rootsy core. And the three founding members are all skilled multi-instrumentalists who can play almost any position in the field. But TBoH has reached so many fans so fast because of the echoes of and subtle homage to so many different artists at the core of the Americana canon, including Tom Petty, Tony Joe White, the Grateful Dead, Leon Russell, George Harrison, and other rarified stylists. You can hear a little of all that at a Heathens show or on disc.


“We’re just making it up as we go along,” says member Ed Jurdi. “I mean we don’t follow a script, we’re not good actors and we don’t take our cues well. We all agree it’s important to honestly represent the idea of what we are putting forth. As a band, we are in a position to actualize where we’re going because there is no label and there are no rules. It’s been an exhilarating ride.”








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