Divier is a mexican singer and songwriter who was born in Baja CaliforniaSur. She came into music listening to goth and alternative rock and soon started to get immersed into other tythms and genres such as Trip Hop and experimental Jazz. She then started her formal musical training in Guadalajara, where she focused on contemporary music while doing other courses and workshops on vocal improvisation with the renowned mexican jazz singer Iraida Noriega as well as Michelle Weir, who has work with Norah Jones and american band Manhattan Transfer.


Divier plans to get involved in musical theater in a near future so she started taking her first workshops with Alberto Rivero, one of the most acclaimed actor and directors from Uruguay.

In 2009 Divier released the single "Un mar", which ends up being part of her first solo material launched officially in 2012. In this album Divier experiments and fuses various rhythms which makes it impossible to classify. Divier has collaborated in many other projects from alternative artists from Baja, Guadalajara and México city and at the same time she is working with important local jazz musicians.


In 2014 she performed at one of the most important venues in Baja, where the audience enjoyed a preview of "Denso", the new album she is working at the moment and in she will showcase a new array of musical and vocal skills, always experimenting with new rhythms while keeping the essence of Divier Guive.




FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/Divierproject/

INSTAGRAM: @divierproject